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Fitness and Educational Consulting

Jennifer Griest Hayes, a practicing yogi for several years, has worked with children her entire life. Having earned her Master of Arts in Education from The Ohio State University and her Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Baldwin-Wallace College, Jen taught in various special-education settings and even launched her own multiple-disabilities unit wherein she worked for more than a decade. During her time in the classroom, Jen collaborated with Dr. James Henderson in the writing of Reconceptualizing Curriculum Development: Inspiring and Informing Action that emphasizes the need for teachers serving as leaders in their buildings. Having witnessed elementary-aged children in need of self-regulation tools and outlets for their stress, Jen became a certified ChildLight Yoga Instructor and Licensed Yoga 4 Classrooms Trainer, and she initiated movement and mindfulness activities that included Yoga Club as well as Yoga/Mindfulness Week in her building. Especially drawn to students with autism, Jen works as an educational consultant to provide services. Jen has also worked as the Director of Education for the Autism Society of Greater Akron and takes great pride in delivering quality programming to families and individuals on the autism spectrum. Jen serves as a consultant and Implement Lead Trainer for Yoga 4 Classrooms and serves as the Director of Programs and Teacher Development for Zenworks Yoga, a non-profit organization in the Cleveland area dedicated to bringing yoga and wellness programming to children. In addition, Jen, a 200-hour registered adult yoga teacher and 95-hour registered kids yoga teacher, also taught teen/tween yoga at Grow With Me Yoga while serving as the studio's Director of Programming in prenatal, postnatal, and early development services.

McClain "Mic" Hayes has been an educator since graduating as a University Scholar from The University of Akron's Honors Program in 1999. A dually certified general-education teacher for grades 7-12 and special-education teacher for grades K-12, Mic earned his Master of Arts in Education from The University of Akron in Instructional Technology. After working as a high school special-education teacher for two years, Mic has since worked as a high school English teacher and has taught every level of English from resource room through Advanced Placement. Mic is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer as well as a CrossFit Kids trainer. Mic has completed additional CrossFit certification courses in each of the following: Football (focusing on explosive sport movements), Mobility, Scaling, Running, and Anatomy.   

Why "Afterlight"?

The name of the company alludes to Zach Friedhof's song with the same name on his Mountains and Meadows release. The song's message focuses on one's journey to bring good things to others and enduring the difficulties that the world naturally places before us all. Throughout his struggles, the traveler holds true to his mission and shines his "light" upon a world that may not fully "see" the light until well after the traveler is gone. Much like the stars that have shone their light years in advance of our seeing them, Afterlight desires to provide services that will bring goodness to people's lives well after we are gone.