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Fitness and Educational Consulting


Yoga Parties

Have you ever wanted to go to a yoga class, but it doesn’t fit into your schedule? Are you intimidated by yoga studios? Do you need a class that meets your needs? Try having a yoga party! We can bring yoga to YOU! We will plan the party with you and bring all the materials necessary to meet your needs and work with your theme, age, background, or ability. Yoga and Mindfulness themed crafts and activities can be included at any party.

Yoga parties can be great for:

  • Learning Yoga Basics
  • Casual Get Togethers
  • Couples
  • Bridal Showers
  • Wedding Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • New Parents
  • Small Groups of Friends
  • Alternatives to Holiday Activities
  • Church Groups
  • Families
  • Meeting Specific Needs: Balance for Aging Adults, Tight Muscles in Athletes, Recovery
  • Birthdays
  • Staycations

School Programs

We provide programs for physical and mental wellness for all people in a school district -- students and staff.

Professional development -- fresh, unique, and research-informed content customized to meet the needs of your staff, students, and learning community. Topics include

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Yoga and Mindfulness Integration
  • Educator Self Care
  • Special Needs
  • Paraprofessional Staff Development

Mat-based and/or in-the-classroom yoga for individuals of all ages and abilities

After School Wellness Programs for students and staff

Activities for Kids and Families

We provide yoga and mindfulness activities for all ages. Areas of focus include

  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Postnatal Care through yoga and mindfulness
  • Yoga for Babies and Caregivers - Helping babies to adjust to life outside the womb, uncurling from the fetal position, understanding body awareness, crossing the midline (making brain connections), providing comfort in digestion, and aiding in better sleep
  • Tot Yoga - music and movement
  • Preschool and Daycare Yoga - with a focus on language development, movement through story, and working with others
  • School-Age Groups - before and after school programs
  • Club activities, Scout troops, Church groups
  • Sports teams - Opening and closing practice, “off day” workouts
  • Birthday Parties
  • Family Activity Time
  • Private Yoga Sessions
  • Individual or Small Group sessions for those with special needs - helping to create calm and to learn self-regulation techniques as well as providing opportunities for organized movement

Day Habilitation and Adult Services

Our instructors have specialized training in mental health, social work, anatomy, education, and adapted fitness. This means that each group can have custom programming to meet the wide variety of needs unique to adults in day programs. We will work with your staff and clients to create a program that will include

  • Breathwork for self-awareness and regulation
  • Movement - including the use of props so that all clients can be engaged
  • Mindfulness activities to help with engagement and focus
  • Music integration as it supports participation


We provide a personal consultation experience that will allow administration, staff, and clients to “be seen/included” and can customize the program’s operations for efficiency and productivity. Areas of focus include

  • Environmental Organization
  • Scheduling & Programming
  • Visual Supports
  • Task Analysis
  • Alignment of ISP goals
  • Behavior Management
  • Staff Training/Professional Development

Yoga & Wellness services are provided by certified instructors who have passed criminal background checks, hold current CPR/AED certifications, and are insured to provide safe/appropriate services to all.

Educational services are provided by licensed teachers in the State of Ohio who are highly qualified in their areas of licensed instruction, have passed criminal background checks, hold current CPR/AED certifications, and have classroom teaching experience.